Hi I’m Jane and this is my story about how I fell in love with yoga…. I am so glad you are here!

I began my working life at 17 doing a four year Engineering apprenticeship and by the end of this I had realised that working within this sort of industry was not really for me.

I then moved completely to the other extreme and trained as a Nail Technician opening my own salon and then two more. I stayed in that environment for the next 16 years which was much much longer than I wanted to be there. It was extremely stressful and I realised that I was definitely not the right person to employ other people.

The stress of this definitely contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, I was smoking and drinking too much and I spent the next few years trying to find another path for myself. I met the person who is now my husband and went to my first yoga class soon afterwards. It has helped me overcome so many challenges and I have gradually emerged with more confidence, a deep connection to my body and a passion to keep myself healthy that has made me feel better than I did twenty years ago.

I wish I had discovered yoga long before the age of 39 but this was my time and I soon knew I wanted to teach others how much of a transformation it could bring to their lives. That was almost 16 years ago and I get so much joy from teaching my classes and meeting all of the amazing people that come and fall in love with the practice as I did.

I hope that my story inspires you to begin the journey to find your potential and discover all of the magic this practice has to offer.

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

This is one of my tutorial videos…..check out the Class pages to watch my wonderful students practicing with me.

I love welcoming people into my classes I want them to feel safe and happy to learn how to practice yoga in a way that suits their body and lifestyle. I want to be the one that really gets them into yoga so they can experience all of it’s amazing benefits. I feel so honoured when people choose to keep coming …. some for more than ten years and that I get to watch their practice deepen and  see them grow and share their challenges in the practice and also in their lives sometimes. So if you are feeling that it’s time you did something for yourself and want to join a community that is committed to personal growth and healing…. I would love to help!