You may be wondering which is the best class for you???

Which of the following statements best suits your needs:

  • I am newish to yoga, I need the basics.

Check out my Beginner level classes

  • I want to take my existing practice to another level.

 Come join one of my Intermediate classes

  • I am searching for spiritual connection

 My Yin Yoga Stress Release classes are for you

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This is where you begin your yoga journey. You will learn the fundamentals of the poses, basic alignment and basic breathing techniques. The classes are themed so that you explore your own body, the names of the poses, their benefits and a little philosophy.


An understanding of the basics is required for this class as it is more challenging….. you will sweat! We explore more advanced versions of poses, we look at breathing techniques in more details, we learn about mudras and mantras and build flows (vinyasa) moving more dynamically through the poses.

Stress Release Yoga

Expect a gentle mindful approach to the practice in this class. You have fewer poses and plenty of time to relax into each pose one. Suitable for people dealing with most physical health concerns plus addressing the huge impact of stress and the inability to relax because of the demands of daily life. Click to learn more.

This is what my students say:

“I have recently started yoga classes with Jane at Radiant Heart Yoga. Jane is very welcoming and her classes are easy to follow but I can always feel that I have worked the relevant muscle groups the following day. I also love the fact that I feel in a meditative state after a session. This is the best yoga class I have ever attended…..great work Jane.”

Deborah Ponti 

 “Jane, I so love your classes. The thoughtful, friendly sessions help to keep my belief in myself, boost my confidence as well as keeping old age at bay. I really look forward to Tuesday nights when I can put the world aside and concentrate on something that is important. It can be challenging if I wish it to be, but I do enjoy challenges and often do more that I think I can. “

Sarah Thompson 

Find out exactly how you would feel in the class you’re interested in by watching the videos below…..

Intermediate Level Classes

Bolton Road United Reformed Church,

Northcote Street,

Darwen. BB3 2JS

Tuesday 6.15 – 7.30pm.              Cost £6 per class

Walmersley Unitarian Chapel,

501 Blackburn Road,

Egerton BL7 9PR

Monday 7.00 – 8.15pm.     Cost £6 per class

Beginner Level Classes

Darwen Central URC,

Duckworth Street,

Darwen.   BB3 1AT

Tuesday 9.30 – 10.45 am      Cost £6 per class

Haslingden Community Link,

Bury Road,

Haslingden.  BB4 5PG

Monday 10 – 11 am & Friday 6 – 7 pm.   Cost £6 per class

Bolton Road United Reformed Church,

Northcote Street,

Darwen.  BB3 2JQ

Thursday 6.15 – 7.30 pm.      Cost £6 per class

Which one did you choose?    Give me a call and come and try it!