Bird of Paradise – Intermediate Level

Bird of Paradise – Intermediate Level
19th March 2019 Radiant Heart Yoga

Bird of Paradise – Intermediate Level

I feel that I need to say early on …. don’t panic there will be a ton of preparation and a modified version of the pose on offer.

You will already be prepared from what we’ve been working on in class for the last few weeks.

We will need to continue to open the hips and hamstrings and add in plenty of binds with the arms too which is great for the shoulders.
This is a brilliant pose for those of us who spend a great deal of time sitting down, driving or at a computer.

Although it will take deep opening in the body and deep concentration of your mind to get your body to bloom like a bird of paradise 🦚 we will have fun trying out this pose together and reaping all of its benefits.

The Bird of Paradise is not a bird at all, but a flower where the unusually beautiful shapes and colours of the petals look like a bird taking flight.

Similarly, Svarga Dvijasana or Bird of Paradise Pose celebrates asymmetry and is a creative expression of a mash-up of Tree, Extended Side Angle, and Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose.

This flower has an effortless beauty and as I know myself from my personal practice the journey to paradise is not without its challenges, you will inevitably stumble, lose focus, have to come out of the pose and start over, but practice patience, keep your head up (literally), and use all of the preparation so that pretty soon you will soar to new heights in this peak pose.

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