Interested in Yoga but not sure what to expect or if it’s for you?


Jane Ashurst of Radiant Yoga

Have you been hearing a lot about Yoga lately?

It’s attracting more media attention than ever before.

Have you been wondering if it would help you?

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This will be based around the theme I am using in class which you can practice in your own home and your own time.


Here’s a few sample videos with a mix of tutorials and practices to get you started and give you an idea what you will get each week.

Part of a series of video’s on Yoga for Scoliosis. A condition that I suffer from, was one of the reasons I started yoga myself, and which has been virtually cured by my yoga practice.

This video tutorial explains the key actions and correct alignment for Plank Pose. An essential pose for building upper body and core strength and one which forms the basis for arm balance poses on the practice.

This is a shortened version of the full length practice for that week. An example of what you would receive in addition to the tutorial videos.


It’s a long time ago but I’ve been in exactly that place. 

I was sure it would help with my back pain, the stiffness I was starting to feel in my joints

I was convinced that it would help with my feelings of stress and being overwhelmed by daily life.

BUT….I remember feeling like I wasn’t ready to just turn up at a class.

I wanted to have a go first so …. I bought a book which was great but hard to motivate myself and I wasn’t sure I was doing the poses right.

Still the thought of going to a class raised all sorts of fears….what if I was bad at it? what type of yoga would suit me? would I fit in with everyone else?, what if I couldn’t commit to getting there every week, would once a week be enough? Would everyone else be really good?

Eventually I did pluck up the courage to try a few classes and found one I liked and a teacher I liked…I was lucky.

I loved it so much I became a yoga teacher myself and now I want to offer anyone feeling that way a solution.

That’s why you should get my Yoga Basics Series of videos and weekly practices.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

See you on the mat….



PS. No credit card details required these videos are free.