Garudasana (Eagle Pose)
27th June 2017 Radiant Heart Yoga
eagle pose

In this pose we are, in a way, constricting the flow of blood through our bodies.

This happens when we cross our legs and arms and squeeze them together to maintain balance.

This is similar to the pressure we experience during a massage.

This massaging action is a great way to stimulate and release the flow of fresh, immunity yielding blood throughout the body.

Good circulation is a key for good immunity.

Our immune cells are constantly roaming the body looking for signs of intrusion or attack.

Their efforts are hampered when they cannot flow freely.

Eagle Pose encourages balance on another level, too.

While you are standing steady in the pose, you are also balancing the two sides of your body by practicing equally on both legs.

The body is said to hold masculine energy on the right side and feminine energy on the left.

If one of these sides is out of balance, you may find yourself feeling overly sensitive (feminine) or overly aggressive (masculine).

Squeezing the two sides together, and then unwinding them, encourages a calming, harmonious effect that brings balance.

Eagle Pose lights up the root chakra through the strong connection to the floor, as well as the third eye chakra which we use to help find our focal point (drishti).

These are two really important chakras to tap into if you’re feeling a little lost.

We can think of them as our past and future.

On a physical level we are working and strengthening the glutes, adductors and tensor fascia latae muscles in the legs and the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and the serratus muscles of the arms and shoulders.

At the same time lengthening the piriformis and glutes of the legs and the rhomboids, teres and triceps of the arms and shoulders.

Whether you’re feeling unwell physically, or unstable mentally, Eagle Pose is here to help.

Taking a few minutes to practice this pose each day can bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance and alignment.

This will in turn help you to refocus and refresh.