This is a class for the over 50’s age group where osteoporosis and chronic disease are major health concerns. It is dedicated to staying gentle and within the limits of the students, whose ages range from 50 up to 85. The focus of this practice is increasing mobility in the joints, strengthening the legs, improving balance and mild core work. During the class students are only expected to come up to stand and back down once and if you are unsteady with your balance you can have a chair at the side of you.

Research shows that Yoga may build bones which is really critical as we get older and our bones become more brittle and it definitely builds the strength and flexibility that supports structure and improves posture. This practice will give you courage and confidence as you gain strength and balance to sustain an active life.

This class costs £6 and is a drop in class so come along and join us bringing a yoga mat and a blanket with you


“The thought of attending a Yoga class as a complete novice can be rather scary. Inflexibility, poor core strength and looking ridiculous in Lycra are a few of the thinks that cross the mind. From the second I arrived, the environment felt relaxed, gentle music was playing and Jane approached me and I felt at ease. The class is a mixed bag of people so feeling self conscious doesn’t matter. For me personally, I find the yoga good for my mind and to improve strength. The best part is you leave feeling brilliant! “

Rachel Hammond


“In December 2016 I attended my first ever yoga class and since then several things have happened:

I can put my socks on standing up for the first time in over 10 years.

I can cut my own toenails for the first time in over 10 years.

My appetite has improved without any weight gain and the circulation in my hands and feet is so much better.

During the yoga class there is utter peace and tranquility. I find myself feeling calmer, fitter and more flexible and I often ask myself why did I wait until I was 81 years old before starting yoga.”

Dougie Moulton from Bolton

Thursday -Over 50’s Gentle Yoga

2:00pm to 3:00pm

The Barlow Institute
216 Bolton Road
Edgworth, Bolton