Half Moon Pose – Beginner Level

Half Moon Pose – Beginner Level
19th March 2019 Radiant Heart Yoga

Half Moon Pose – Beginner Level

This is a standing balance that feels more stable than some of the others we’ve been working with because you have one hand on the floor or on a brick as you open up and stack your hips.

Ardha chandrasana is derived from the Sanskrit ardha, meaning “half,” and chandra, meaning “moon,” and asana meaning “seat” or “posture.”

This is a graceful looking, balanced pose which mirrors the image of the half moon in the sky and awakens energy in the opposing side of the physical body.

Chandra doesn’t just refer to the physical moon in the sky, but the luminescent femininity associated with the lunar cycle, the deity Chandra, the herb Soma, and in the yogic tradition, an association with the elephant-headed god Ganesh.

Each time we practice any yoga posture we’re gifted with a lesson and a deep learning because the posture never changes, but we do.

Through understanding that we are different each time we practice, we come to accept and adapt and create a relationship with our changing selves.

Just as the moon may look like half of itself, or at times gone entirely behind the clouds, there’s an awareness within us that knows the moon is still definitely there, and it’ll reappear in a day or so.

In the very same way, when we feel like half of ourselves, or when we seem to have lost ourselves completely when our bodies change when we feel good or bad, we can practice remembering that our true nature is always there and always unchanging.

That part of us that lies patiently behind the body, the ego, the personality, the fluctuating moods and thoughts, the wobbly yoga posture or even the picture-perfect pose – yes that part behind all of that doesn’t change.

So as we practice this pose together it is a reminder that no matter what happens on the outside, who we are inside is unchanging and powerful.

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