Why I became a yoga teacher
6th July 2017 Radiant Heart Yoga
Why I became a yoga teacher

I often ask my students what drew them to yoga because it interests me so much and lots of people’s stories are very similar to each other’s and to my own.

For many years I owned Nail Salons and used to work most days doing nails myself.

Little did I realise because I had become so disembodied and not connected to my body how many problems this would create for me in the future.

Sitting for so many hours in a twisted position bent over the desk with my spine rounded and holding so much tension in my body because of the stress of the job would take its toll.

I only found out years later when I was well into developing my own personal yoga practice that I have structural scoliosis of the spine which those years as a nail technician had definitely contributed to.

My next job was helping out my husband with his car valeting business (meant to be a stop-gap measure that lasted for eight years!!).

Possibly the worst thing for my spine….more bending and twisting.

Very soon I was in agony and that is when I turned to yoga.

I soon discovered that finding a good teacher was very difficult as I began to explore different types of yoga and teachers to find what gave me that “yoga feeling”.

About two years later my Mum, who had been a school teacher all her life fell ill with cancer and died less than a year later.

It was such a stressful time for me and my family and the catalyst for me deciding to do my teacher training.

I knew how much my practice had helped me through this awful time and how if my Mum had looked after her health better and been more aware of her body that her illness may well have been prevented.

I knew that I needed to have the knowledge and the tools to de-stress my body and my mind.