Jane’s second blog
27th June 2017 Radiant Heart Yoga
chia and choc pudding

I’ve been really busy since I wrote my last blog and now the summer holidays seem to be zooming towards me!

We always go on holidays during this time in our camper and I have already been planning what food to take and how I can manage to do my yoga practice while we are there.

Being vegan I have to do a fair amount of preparation.

I love eating tasty, healthy food as much as I love teaching and practicing Yoga so I wanted to share with you this wonderful recipe book called The Unbakery by Megan May.

Some of my friends and students like the same food as I do and one of them Clare lent me her copy of this book and it is just THE BEST EVER.

There were so many delicious recipes in it that I had to buy the book myself otherwise she would never have got it back!

I have only made a few things so far but the Chia Coconut Pudding and the Caramelised Walnuts are to die for and I get to use my dehydrator which has been sitting there for about 12 months.

I love pudding by the way and could easily eat one for breakfast dinner and tea but there are also some really great main course recipes and for me that is the test because this is the most difficult meal when changing over to a more vegan or raw food diet or just adding some to your usual way of eating.

Coming soon I will be posting some pictures of the dishes as I make them rather than just the pictures from the book.

I’ve started a new fitness program to compliment my yoga practice – it’s getting harder and harder to shift that ‘muffin top’.

Have a look it’s called www.MAXWorkouts.com be warned though its HARD I couldn’t even do the warm up at first.

yoga clothing pic

I am always looking out for great looking yoga pants and tops at a good price…

It is so hard in the UK because so much of the clothing is dull and boring looking but then if you buy from The States you end up paying huge shipping charges.

However, I have found this site www.second-you.com and it is amazing.

Based in Poland the girl who owns it has fantastic designs using wonderful fabrics and chakra colours and they are so well made and at a reasonable price, shipping is the same price and time as here – what more could you ask for?

I have bought 3 pairs of pants and 2 tops that I mix and match wearing them all the time and I get loads of compliments and they are so comfortable too.

This is not me by the way… ha ha

Lastly, I am going to be posting some details for Yoga poses to include which muscles are utilised and the benefits because we spend time during class on the alignment to be safe and get the maximum out of the pose but often there is little time to talk about the benefits.