Developing a home yoga practice is the most effective way to deepen your practice and a powerful way to connect with yourself especially if you have particular challenges and things you specifically want to work on. These private sessions offer you the opportunity to work on your personal needs, ask questions, receive personal alignment instructions, or learn more challenging poses. If you are suffering from stress, insomnia, recovering from an illness or injury, lacking in confidence to come to a group class initially or maybe to deepen your personal practice in a way not always possible in a class environment.

You will take away a personal daily yoga program with clearly illustrated diagrams and simple instructions and this can be altered as you progress step by step towards your goals. 

“I began 1-1 sessions with Jane after a hip injury had left me walking on crutches for six weeks. Yoga was recommended to facilitate my recovery – I chose Jane after research and was impressed by her professional training.

Over time I regained my self confidence in walking without fear of tripping or falling over, my core strength developed and my posture and balance steadily improved. There is also an emotional and spiritual aspect to Yoga practice which I became aware of and began to experience, a development of self.

Jane has a very sound knowledge of skeletal structure and muscle and this enables her to identify the cause of other problematic aches and pains. Thus, a neck and shoulder issue I had has cleared up and my stiff ankles ( the result of a bad sprain some years ago ) are now loosening.

She has a sunny disposition, a compassionate and sensitive nature and it has been my good fortune to benefit from her skills. Whether you are new to Yoga or experienced I would thoroughly recommend working with Jane – she is an excellent teacher and an absolute joy.”

Ellen Carrolle  – Edgworth Bolton



Meditation is not thinking… is often done at the end of a Yoga practice when the body is open and receptive to sit comfortably and in stillness.

It is a way of creating more space between your thoughts, to quieten your mind and it takes time to accomplish.

It is done in stages, becoming used to stillness and observing each time how you respond to it.

Watching your thoughts, the pattern of your thoughts, to acknowledge each thought but then let it go so there is no attachment to it.

With practice you are able to dive beneath your thoughts and experience the source within you.

Jane offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation to see how yoga can best work for you. An individual 75 minute session costs £75.00