Real men do yoga
21st August 2017 Radiant Heart Yoga
real men do yoga

I love it when a guy comes to one of my classes but they are sadly still in the minority, so what is holding them back when they have just as much to gain from the practice?

I regularly ask myself “how can I get more men to come to my classes?”

So if you are a man who has thought about yoga but hesitated or if you know someone you would like to introduce to the practice read on…..

Yoga is very different from the type of exercise men usually do for many reasons, it is not competitive or particularly testosterone-fuelled, it requires a sense of humour and the ability to leave your ego out of it.

Men like a challenge and although anyone who has tried yoga knows it will definitely give you that a guy also needs to be ready to let their defenses down to move to the next level, to not care that their mat is next to a flowery one or that there may be some very un-athletic females who can do poses he can’t.

Boys tend to lose flexibility quicker than girls and those differences tend to increase with age but once they can adapt to the various physical demands of the practice they could still miss out on many of the other benefits.

Everything from better focus to feeling less stress is harder for men to appreciate or think that they need and getting in touch with the spiritual side of the practice can be off-putting at first.

All that being said I have about 20% men in my classes sometimes more and they love it and have a good strong practice, it is time for them, a way to escape from everything, to not feel overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities and to realise that the best way to get things done is by being present.

There are many sportsmen who practice yoga with Ryan Giggs probably being the most famous.

Other footballers practice yoga too which helps to prolong their careers and make them less injury prone.