Revolved Hand to Toe Pose – Intermediate Level

Revolved Hand to Toe Pose – Intermediate Level
9th March 2019 Radiant Heart Yoga

Revolved Hand to Toe Pose – Intermediate Level

Our peak pose for this practice is Parvritta Hasta Padangusthasana which means Revolved Hand to Toe Pose.

It is a standing balance that involves a twist so there will be a strong focus on twisting from the core.

This will rev up your digestion while you strengthen and open your side body and give your whole body a spring clean.

The benefits of this pose and the practice that prepares our body for it are that it strengthens your entire standing leg, stretching the hamstrings and IT band of your lifted leg as you keep your chest open and expansive.

A particular benefit is the chance to stretch out and release the IT Band or Iliotibial Band which is an extension of your hip muscles that run along the outside of your thigh and connects down into the knee.

The purpose of this band is to stabilize the outer part of the knee.

When this is weak the result is an angry hip or knee which causes a lot of pain and tightness.

Let’s prevent this and create ease, space and strength instead.

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