Steady As We Go
9th March 2019 Radiant Heart Yoga

Steady As We Go

Why are balance poses so valuable?

Because they offer us both physical and mental benefits.

Physically, we strengthen and elongate our muscles, get to know our centre of gravity and how to align ourselves.

This will be the focus of our practice.

As for the mental benefits, balance poses teach us how to keep our attention focused, to separate ourselves from what is going on around us.

An important skill to have off the mat as well sometimes.

Some people do seem to have better balance naturally but consistent practice makes it a lot better.

Some days it’s easier than others which is why it matters mentally because when our heads are crammed full of thoughts it’s so much harder to balance.

Going over the important yoga principle of rooting down to rise and how this applies to balance poses.

Plus, practising letting ourselves relax in the balances which will really help later for the more complex ones.

Learning how to stay steady in one place even for a short while as we will be doing, builds resilience whilst finding our inner centre and a sense of equanimity.

Then one day, you will just suddenly find yourself doing it with a big smile on your face even if you fall!

Think about what else balance means to you in your life:

Maybe balance between ease and effort, between focus, concentration and maintaining a sense of humour.

A balance between the body, mind and breath.

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