Yoga mat
  • ” I have been practicing and teaching Japanese Martial Arts for over 40 years but only recently been introduced to yoga. Jane’s approach to practice immediately chimed with me. Her holistic approach to breathing, posture and core is completely in tune with martial arts. The popular misconception of karate is that it’s practitioners are touch, rigid and driven by macho values. On the contrary, the relaxation, fluidity and spontaneity of yoga are completely aligned with karate’s ideals. In addition Jane’s approach to posture promotes a healthy practice, preserving joints and preventing injury for the long term. Jane’s teachings are such a good compliment to our training we have invited her to our club on many occasions  and her sessions are always a popular draw. I would recommend Radiant Heart Yoga to both athletes looking to improve performance and non-athletes just looking to improve overall well-being alike.”

    Martyn Skipper 

  • ” I really enjoy Radiant Heart Yoga classes. They are really relaxed and light hearted. Jane gives very easy to follow instructions. Even of you are not looking at her, she describes exactly what you need to do to get into the pose with words. The best yoga classes I’ve been to.”

    Amy Banks

  • ” My first ever yoga session was with Jane and I am so glad I chose her as my teacher. The classes are great for beginners but there are lots of options for poses so you can challenge yourself a bit more as you improve. I also always learn a bit more about the theory of yoga in each class which is really important to me. The classes are a great place to be and Jane’s teaching style is perfect for me. I always leave feeling happy and relaxed. If you’re thinking about trying yoga, try one of Jane’s classes and I’m sure you’ll be hooked too. “

    Bryony Wolfendale

  • ” Peaceful, relaxing yoga sessions that leave you feeling energised afterwards, Jane’s knowledge of yoga is limitless – there really is a pose for everyone! “

    Claire Kirkman 

  • ” I have been attending Jane’s classes for over 7 years now and have loved every minute. Jane is very friendly, welcoming and encouraging and her classes are structured in such a way as to be accessible to all, whether beginners or more experienced. The classes are very varied and always themed and I enjoy the challenge of attempting new postures and discovering what my body is capable of. I also love the feeling of achievement and well-being I experience afterwards. “

    Janet Duckworth 

  • ” Jane’s class is one of the few breaks in my week in which I have no other responsibilities. The class is a good balance of movement, strengthening and relaxations and leaves me feeling more relaxed and calm for the rest of the day. Giving us the option to try either the full position or a more moderate version means you can always take part even if you have a particular injury or tight area. It’s one of the highlights of my week.”

    Rehana Lothian