Yoga mat
  • ” I have only recently started going to Radiant Heart Yoga, I was looking for a class that was gentle enough to be of benefit without risking a flare up of an existing medical condition. I came across the Yin Yoga class and decided to try them. I found the classes relaxing, really friendly and very beneficial. It’s people of all shapes and sizes, very helpful and everyone is made to feel included and welcome.”

    Anne Crook

  • “Jane has a wonderful way of teaching with a perfect mix of exercise and spirituality. She has an uncanny way of knowing what my body needs each week and I am always ” unravelled ” and ready for the week ahead.”

    Angela Burgess

  • ” My friend and I have been attending Radiant Heart Yoga with Jane for over two years which is quite an achievement for us! Each week we work on different areas of the body and work on flexibility and strength as well as learning yoga philosophy. Sometimes the classes are really challenging but we feel we have made real progress and our night with Jane is a highlight of the week. Jane combines fabulous instruction with a wonderful sense of humour and empathy and we would recommend the group to anyone interested in finding the perfect yoga group.”

    Alison Vinden & Sue Greenhalgh

  • ” Jane I so love your yoga classes. The thoughtful friendly sessions keep my belief in myself, boost my confidence as well as keeping old age at bay. I really look forward to Monday nights when I can put the world aside and concentrate on something that is important. It can be challenging if I wish it to be, but I do enjoy challenges and often do more than I think I can.”

    Sarah Thomson

  • ” I have recently started yoga classes with Jane at Radiant Heart. Jane is very welcoming and her classes are easy to follow but I can always feel that I have worked the relevant muscles the following day. I also love the fact that I feel in a mediative state after a session. This is the best yoga class that I have attended………great work Jane.”

    Deborah Ponti 

  • “I enjoy Jane’s classes so much. She really is a talented teacher and her classes are accessible to all levels. The sessions are varied each week so its never the same and all are conducted in a really social and friendly atmosphere. From my experience of other classes throughout the area, Jane really is one of the best teachers around. That’s why I have been coming back for 8 years.”

    Susan Simkiss