Yoga mat
  • Hi, my name is Wendy and I have been practising Yoga for over 10 years, encountering a number of different styles of Yoga and teachers. I was looking for a more inspiring teacher about 3 years ago when I saw Radiant Heart Yoga on the internet.
    The colours and Jane’s smile led me to get in touch. Jane Ashurst had classes at Vintage Studios in Bolton and the Unitarian Church in Egerton. I was greeted with a warm hug and Jane’s lovely relaxed, welcoming air and have not looked back since.Vinyasa Flow Yoga really suits me; I love the pauses and movement and grace.
    Jane is very intuitive which makes her an amazing teacher.Even when she’s not looking at me directly I get the impression that Jane knows exactly what I am doing.Jane’s enthusiasm and belief in Yoga are tangible.I firmly believe everyone should and could practise Yoga and with teachers like Jane this is achievable.

    Wendy Flemming