Relaxing during yoga

With the hussle of our daily lives a regular Yoga practice where the focus is on mindfulness and releasing stress is the perfect compliment to any other type or level of yoga or physical activity, it is also the perfect place to start if you have never practiced yoga before or have any injuries or movement restrictions. Holding poses for at least several minutes with the muscles relaxed, stretches the connective tissue around the joints. This yoga type for the this class is based around Yin Yoga and works to promote flexibility in areas such as the pelvis, hips, shoulders and spine, creating greater space and ease plus nourishment to the nervous system.

On an energetic level you will enhance the flow of life force energy in the tissues around the joints where energy stagnates, conditioning these tissues to become more elastic so a regular practice has a cumulative effect…….it’s like giving yourself an acupuncture session!

Classes cost £5 and are drop in so come along and join us. Bring a yoga mat and a blanket with you and if you have an eye pillow or bolster even better.



“I came to the practice of yoga because I was seeking …something. Through the practices of breathing, awareness and meditation my life is becoming more and more one of contemplation, humility, space and breath.”

Julie Ann Harrison from Blackburn – Yin Yoga Class


” Peaceful, relaxing yoga sessions that leave you feeling energised afterwards, Jane’s knowledge of yoga is limitless – there really is a pose for everyone!”

Claire Kirkman from Bolton – Yin Yoga Class


Monday Evening Yin Class

Seated Forward Fold


20:30pm to 21:15pm

Walmsley Unitarian Chapel Hall
Blackburn Road


19:45pm to 20:30pm

Bolton Road United Reform Church
Northcote Street