Relaxing during yoga

Life is stressful, we are constantly bombarded with information, we never know what will happen to us from one day to the next but we do know there will always be challenges.

What does this lead to?

Fatigue, frustration, lack of motivation etc…. and ultimately illness.


Because when we are stressed that tension becomes lodged in our body, we feel those tight shoulders, that back pain, the digestive problems, insomnia and the list goes on.

We can’t stop stressful situations happening but we can pause, take time to reset everything and learn how to release the tension stress creates.

With this type of yoga you will learn where you hold tension, you will develop the body awareness and insight that will enable you to release this tension before it affects your body.

Having time to give back to yourself revitalises your bodying creates clarity and calm in your mind.


Bolton Road United Reformed Church,

Northcote Street,

Darwen.    BB3 2JQ

Tuesday 7.45 – 8.39 pm  Cost £5 per class

Caterpillar Pose – Seated Forward Fold

“Peaceful, relaxing yoga sessions that leave you feeling energised afterwards, Jane’s knowledge of yoga is limitless – there really is a pose for everyone!”

Claire Kirkman

“I came to the practice of yoga because I was seeking …something. Through the practices of breathing, awareness and meditation my life is becoming more and more one of contemplation, humility, space and breath.”

Julie Ann Harrison 

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So what is Yin yoga?.…. it is a practice of holding poses for at least several minutes using props to ensure that the muscles are relaxed.

Why are the poses held for so long?…. so that the connective tissue, the fascia around the joints can be stretched and made more supple. This promotes flexibility and mobility in areas like the pelvis, hips, shoulders and spine, creating more space and ease and this also calms and nourishes the nervous system.

It’s not just the benefits to the physical body …. on an energetic level this type of practice unblocks energy channels so that in the tissues around the joints where stagnation occurs the energy can flow more freely conditioning the surrounding tissues to become more elastic …. it’s like giving yourself an acupuncture session!

What about the dreaded stress, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed and maybe even panic? As you spend time opening up the body in the poses in stillness and silence (apart from me talking) you can focus on the breath, the space between the breath and ultimately this creates space between your thoughts.

Suitable for absolutely anyone!!