Yoga FAQs
23rd October 2017 Radiant Heart Yoga
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Do I need to book?

All of my classes are drop-in and not pre paid or booked in advance or in blocks.

Why, because for me yoga is about flexibility on all levels and asking for payment in advance can make people feel under pressure which could affect the outcome of their experience.

I prefer to watch my students come through the door because they love it because their body has started to demand it.

Also, it means that they have the freedom to come to any of my classes which then means there is more chance of their practice fitting into their lives whatever may happen week to week.

Am I fit enough and will I be able to keep up?

Whichever class I am teaching I try to offer modifications to suit all levels so that everyone has something to do that they can manage.

I have realised that this question, this concern is very real for someone taking their first tentative steps towards coming to a class for the first time.

If they can overcome that and come along they soon realise that there is no good or bad at yoga everyone is just showing up and doing what their body is capable of each time.

Also, with drop-in classes is someone has had a particularly hard day or just feels a little under the weather they can choose a gentle class or on the other hand if they want to energise they can pick a more intense class.

There are male and female students of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes in the classes.

How many people are usually in the class?

Again, because of the drop-in basis that I run the classes, this can vary but I fit everyone in.

It’s great to arrive about ten minutes early and have time to relax, maybe have a chat but I understand that life is complicated and anything can happen to someone before they arrive.

Therefore, I accept people up to ten minutes late so never worry if you end up being a few minutes late.

What kind of yoga is it?

This depends on which class someone chooses as I teach a few different styles.

The Yin Yoga is suitable for anyone and is well ……. Yin, the gentle class for seniors is mainly Hatha Yoga and the beginner level 1 & 2 classes are a blend of slow, strength and flexibility building Vinyasa Yoga.

What do I need to wear?

I suggest, for women leggings or fairly fitted jogging pants, a fitness top, t-shirt and a hoodie or a jumper and for men long shorts or jogging pants and a t-shirt.

We practice in bare feet but socks can be worn before we start and at the end.

What do I need to bring?

I say to people if you have a yoga mat bring it, otherwise, they can borrow one of my spares the first couple of times.

If they like the class then investing in a mat is much nicer than using a communal one.

I provide the other props that we use bricks, blocks, and straps and again some people choose to bring their own.

I always ask people to bring a blanket or a throw which we use as a prop in various ways during the practice and it feels lovely to cover up with it at the relaxing end to the practice.

You can bring a bottle of water however, I recommend drinking only a small amount before class starts and then more at the end.

Drinking during the class is not so beneficial because yoga is different from other physical activities in that we are stoking and building internal heat and the benefits of this would be diminished by introducing cold water to the body.

What if you want to practice more than just in class?

When someone’s yoga practice really becomes part of their life as I often see they start to want to practice more but are not sure how.

One way is to book a private lesson with me which doesn’t just give them a sequence of poses to do at home but also targets particular issues making it unique.

For more on my private classes click one to one yoga

There are online classes too by some very good teachers.