Do you want to master your menopause naturally?

Do you want an easier transition through your Menopause?

Well of course you do….. who would want to carry on struggling?


If you’re exhausted and desperate to get a restful night’s sleep.

If you’re angry one minute and in tears the next.

If you’re anxious, scared, worried and dreading what will come next.

If your GP just wants to push HRT or Anti-depressants on you.


I know how that feels…


Instead, imagine feeling enlivened, energised, excited to move through this new cycle of your life.

Whether you are just beginning or already on your menopause journey if you …..

Are ready to bring your body back into balance?

Willing to make the changes that will transform this time of your life into a celebration of the new you?

Would love to emerge stronger, more confident and feeling better than you’ve ever felt.

Are committed to let go of old habits and limiting beliefs in yourself

If the answer is yes then you are in the right place



The real question then becomes how do you do it?

There are countless websites, blogs and support groups out there, so where do you start?

Wading through all that information, deciding what might work for you and trying it out is very time consuming, expensive and the reality is that there are relatively few products and strategies that will produce results.

What if just the thought of all that is totally overwhelming?….

BUT  if someone had already done all that, could guide you through the entire process and get you results in just eight weeks.

Would that interest you?



My Story

I have been a yoga teacher for eleven years teaching group classes and working with private clients on a one to one basis and I know that my knowledge has helped a lot of people. I wanted to focus that, I wanted to share how I had used it to transform my experience of the Menopause. It is powerful stuff but it is all do-able and it can work for you. I have healed myself and my promise to you is that I can show you how to do the same.

These five elements form the basis of my system:

I don’t try and focus on everything.

I keep it simple

I use my practical experience as a yoga teacher.

I use my knowledge of nutrition.

I support and guide you towards success during every stage of the process.


I love to empower women during this time of their lives, to create excitement …. a passion to succeed and as crazy as it sounds it is totally possible.

You see, what I’ve mastered, what worked for me and other women that have worked with me is that we work through the various symptoms in a very specific way, a systematic and holistic way. Once you start the healing process in one system of the body the others begin to heal as well.

So that you can get on with living your life again and celebrate the massive potential for personal growth that you are being offered at this time.

Take a look at my eight week course outline below:




When we are facing challenges the solutions may be simple but that doesn’t mean they will be easy.

Implementing some of my strategies will require life style changes and that needs willpower and determination and I know how hard that is when you are already struggling.

Which is why I will be there to advise you, to show you that  when you dig deep and find that strength to commit to do the work you will see the results.

So, are you ready to learn how to heal yourself in a way that your body understands and responds to, are you ready to invest in your long term health?

If you would like to experience a taste of the sort of work you would be doing with me set aside  some time to watch the video below.


Thank you for watching my video I hope that it interested you maybe even inspired you and gave you hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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