Do you want to master your menopause naturally?

Are you fed up with your menopause symptoms and how they are affecting your life?

Do you feel as though there is so much conflicting advise out there?

Are you feeling isolated and not understood by the people around you?

I hear you…

Instead, imagine feeling enlivened, energised, excited to move through this new cycle of your life.

Whether you are just beginning or already on your menopause journey if you …..

Are ready to bring your body back into balance?

Willing to make the changes that will transform this time of your life into a celebration of the new you?

Would love to emerge stronger, more confident and feeling better than you’ve ever felt.

Are committed to let go of old habits and limiting beliefs in yourself




I have been a yoga teacher for eleven years teaching group classes and working with private clients on a one to one basis and I knew that my knowledge was so powerful and that I was passionate to share how I had used it to help heal myself…… but I felt in my heart that I needed to wait.

To wait until I had completed enough of my own journey through the menopause to be able to authentically offer this program to help other women.




If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for…. check out your options for working with me.

Start by booking a discovery call where we talk about where you are now, what is stopping you from focusing on where you would like to be and as we explore if it feels a good fit to work together I will explain my course in more detail.

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