Yoga for Upper Body Strength – Intermediate Level

Yoga for Upper Body Strength – Intermediate Level
27th April 2019 Radiant Heart Yoga

Yoga for Upper Body Strength – Intermediate Level

There are actually three versions of plank pose and as we deepen this journey into building our upper body strength we are going to add forearm plank into our practice.

It will be the main focus for this next week and it’s an important part of the process because it has all of the strength elements of plank pose with the added benefits of shoulder strength and flexibility.

Sometimes called Dolphin Plank because you can come into it from Dolphin Pose which ties in so well with the work we have already done in Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana).

This pose connects you with the functional movement that trains the abs to support the spine in day-to-day activities.

If you are looking for a pose that soothes the chaos, brings a greater sense of concentration, and pushes you to live your intentions off the mat, then Forearm Plank is just what you need.

We will touch on side forearm plank to start to use the work we’ve done on the obliques our side abdominals that are so important for helping us be able to rotate through the waist and the rest of the upper body.

This will prepare us nicely to work on our Side Plank Pose (Vashistasana) in the next couple of weeks which also has a ton of benefits and a great story behind it from the yoga texts so that we can stay connected not just to the physical aspect the practice but also to its traditions.

So…. let’s set an intention ready for practice not to become a Forearm Plank fossil and instead have fortitude in our approach to this pose and flourish in our own unique flawless version.

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