How to start a yoga practice.

1. Research: Find a few classes locally and make contact, see how you feel about the response you get but don’t judge yet.

2. Try it out: However nervous you are get yourself to one of their classes. If you take someone with you that’s a good idea BUT if they don’t like it and you do keep going on your own ….remember the hardest bit is done.

3. Commit: When you’ve picked the class you feel most comfortable with ( hopefully mine ha ha ) commit to a period of 4 – 6 weeks attending that class so that you give yourself a chance to feel the benefits…and stick with it.

4. Be yourself: Don’t compare yourself with others. Set an intention not to bother what anyone else looks like, whether you can do it all or not, don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy the experience each time that’s what matters!

Jane’s top tip for new yogi’s: I always recommend starting with the Yin Yoga or the Beginner Level 1 Class to allow you to develop greater body awareness and to learn how to relax which really helps getting into the poses. It’s amazing how many people never fully relax and don’t realise it. Then if you want a more dynamic class move onto the Beginner Level 2.